Experience Authentic Luxury

Less than a five minute walk to the pyramids, choose between two property experiences in one…the distinctive modern luxury styling of the manor house, or the laidback luxe style of our villa, each with their own unique features, complemented by our adjoining verdant gardens with a restorative saltwater pool.

Discover the treasure that is Grand Giza, offering distinguished travelers something different, something unique in their hotel stays.  Experience boutique hotel travel:  distinctive art and design elements throughout, each room appointed with its own personally curated and designed styling, professional and western managed staff delivering highly personalized services, and a calendar rich with unique experiential events to really get to know life in Egypt!

With a restaurant, two rooftop terraces with cafe, and a restorative saltwater swimming pool in the rich green gardens that adorn both properties, we are your oasis in the desert of sameness!  Ditch the usual, and choose the unexpected…Grand Giza Boutique Hotel!

GRAND GIZA – The Villa

Fusing the past with today’s amenities, this renovated Italianate country villa at the base of the Great Pyramid offers laidback luxury unique to Giza’s pyramid village. Individually appointed rooms, local artisan showcases throughout, and rooftop cafe to take in the expansive views, Grand Giza villa rooms offer it all for those who expect more from their adventure.

GRAND GIZA – The Manor House

Connecting to the villa, is the Manor House offering a modern luxe feel with a tip to the local art and history of Giza and Egypt’s culture in each of its personalized unique rooms.  With ensuite walk-in rain showers, modern barn sliding doors, its own rooftop terrace with cafe, and more, there is always something to discover at our Manor house.

Experience Authentic Egypt

Immerse yourself in real Egypt.  Touch it’s ancient history.  Breathe in it’s beauty.  Feel the heart of it’s peoples.  Taste it’s wonder.  Experience it all in laidback luxury at Giza’s first authentic boutique hotel, The Grand Giza Boutique Hotel & Hostel!