Working Guest Program

Experience boutique luxury at the base of the Great Pyramids.
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In deep gratitude for offering a minimum of one month (30 days) service to Grand Giza and our community, our promise is to provide you with:

  • Upon your arrival and departure, ground transportation to and from Cairo or Giza airports.
  • 2 healthy delicious meals daily.
  • Private male or female accommodations in our staff quarters.
  • Discovery Events when offered.
  • In some cases, tours will be provided in exchange for a blog post about the experience.



This is a non-paying position. It is a volunteer position. If you ask, we will immediately discontinue any correspondence.

Regarding Positions

We will indicate the positions we are looking to fill and when we are looking to fill them by.

Please Do Not Be Offended

Please do not be offended if we do not respond. If we do not, it means that we are currently full and do not need your services.


General Office/Guest Experience

Hours are given at arrival and often will change from week to week.

Operations Helper

Hours are given at arrival and often will change from week to week.

Housekeeping Helper

Hours are given at arrival and often will change from week to week.

Kitchen Helper

Hours are given at arrival and often will change from week to week.


The following information will help smooth your integration into the Grand Giza community and give you the information you need, so that you can fully express your gifts in a way that supports both you and Grand Giza to shine.
We know that you really want to fit in and be a constructive member of our team. We have found that the following guidelines will help us to support you, and for you to support us. We thought it wise to put it in writing. If anything stands out or surprises you, please contact us to discuss it at your earliest convenience.
We do expect all volunteers to comply with everything below. If you come and are not able to, please understand that you may be asked to leave without warning.

You are a part of our family, and greetings are very important!

In Egypt, saying hello and goodbye is an important way of life. Typically you say something like “Salām ‘alaykum!” for “hello” and “Ma salama” for “goodbye.”  If it is man to man, you always shake hands.

We always follow these simple rituals, which help to maintain a sense of community and camaraderie. This rule/ritual actually applies everywhere in Egypt.


During my time at Grand Giza, I will do my best to be 100% accountable for my experience. I am choosing to believe that I attract that which occurs around me and to me. This belief will prompt me to take ownership of both the good and the uncomfortable and to mindfully choose how I am going to respond externally and internally to the event. I am choosing to embrace the idea that my inner story is of my own design and that my external responses affect those around me. I am choosing to be a force for good both with others and with myself.


Sex, fraternization and private time of any kind with guests and employees is strictly forbidden. This is a non-negotiable. We do encourage you to develop healthy and meaningful relationships with our Grand Giza community but must insist that you remain professional at all times. This is a matter of respect to Grand Giza and the culture of our Egyptian village.  Any time with guests/employees must be done in public areas, in full view of other guests/employees.

In addition, please note that we have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind.


Above is a description of our working hours. We expect 25 hours a week from volunteers for the work/assistance you are coming to provide. Additionally, we do ask/expect some seva from you in the form of community service. At night time, we are sometimes very busy with kitchen clean-up and ask our volunteers to offer 15 – 30 minutes of help. This will help cement deeper relations with staff.


We provide for your accommodations while you are at Grand Giza. Accommodations consist of hostel-style housing, with separate rooms for males and females. According to local customs,there are no co-ed hostel accommodations, therefore we cannot accommodate couples. The bathroom is shared.


We ask that you practice keeping your spaces clean and tidy, specifically the areas you are working. You will most likely be working in the lifestyle common areas.  Please remember this is a guest area as well and should be kept tidy. Our housekeeping will provide a basic service to clean your room once a week along with changing your sheets and providing fresh towels.


You are definitely welcome to enjoy yourself as you wish during your off time and please do so responsibly and mindfully of our guests as well as, our local culture. You may bring your own alcohol (available in town) for your own use.


Drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited at Grand Giza. If you are a smoker, please smoke in designated smoking areas and do so privately, away from viewing of others. Please do not invite any guests to participate with you, and again please do so without being in view of any person.


We encourage you to travel as light as possible. You do not need much here.  While we do not have a laundry room for you to use on your own, we will make available to you a laundry service for you once a week (small fee for this). All housekeeping and property storage areas are off-limits to all volunteers.


Not just in our village surrounding Grand Giza, but all over Egypt, time is set aside several times a day to observe prayers to Allah.  It is our practice at Grand Giza to turn volume of music, TV, voices, etc down during these times.  This is done as a matter of respect and honour for our neighbours, and for all of us to consistently have moments for our respective ways of private reflection, meditation, contemplation, yoga, or any other sacred activity.


Typically breakfast is offered sometime between 6:30 and 8:30 am. Depending on what work you are doing, and shift, we do expect to see you on time, even if you do have the early shift.


At this particular time, our owner team is still discussing dress code for volunteers. However, we do expect all volunteers to properly dress. This means that for men, a shirt (NO tank-tops)and casual pants (NO shorts) must be worn at all times unless you are going to the pool or heading to the beach. For ladies, a shirt that is modest, covering your shoulders, and much of your decolletage, with a full length skirt or pants (NO shorts) must be worn at all times unless you are going to the pool or the beach.  Volunteers should be freshly showered each day with nails (both hands and feet) well polished/groomed.  All beards neatly trimmed. You also need to be neat and tidy in appearance when you are around guests or in guest areas.


All guest dining facility back-of-house areas are off limits to all volunteers. If you are in the these for any reason than for the reasons below, you will be given a severe warning, or asked to leave Grand Giza:

  1. If you are taking pictures.
  2. You need to get a guest something from the kitchen and there are NO staff available.
  3. If you are invited into the kitchen to work/help out.
  4. You are cooking with the staff and/or taking cooking lessons.

Your breakfast and lunch meals at Grand Giza will be provided for as noted. Please take note of the meals times and show up when meals are offered. Once the meals are served, there will not be another opportunity to eat until the next meal. At breakfast time, you are expected to arrive when the meals are served. We use this time to share around the table, sometimes introduce ourselves, and talk about the food.

Our custom at Grand Giza is to wait until the guests have served themselves first before receiving service.


We generally have high speed wifi with consistent service. However, in order to preserve full bandwidth for our guests, we ask that you do any downloading at night when people are going to bed. NOT in the daytime.

While we do have great wifi, you do need to know that it can occasionally go out for a few hours at a time. Egypt is a country with a rapidly evolving infrastructure and sometimes with this growth, we can experience the pain of outages in power and/or wifi.  This is not a regular occurrence but can happen. If this does happen, you can usually go to town for a couple of hours at a time and catch up on what you need to do. If you are coming to Grand Giza with your own projects to work on, you should be aware of this and be prepared.


Anytime you are leaving the property, you need to let someone know where you are going. If you are going into town, let someone know and where you are going. Living in a foreign land, with different language and culture, we need to practice mindfulness in safety. We are not trying to keep tabs on you or care what you do in your free time. We are just concerned about your safety.


Grand Giza strives towards being a positive communicative community within our team – we don’t talk about things behind other’s backs and we do talk about things head on. Please bring things to our attention immediately so it can be addressed as this helps to avoid conflict, gossip and negativity in the future.

We hold weekly team meetings with staff and volunteers for team building, communication, updates and to provide for further education and/or training.


Please kindly remember that you are not a guest. You are a volunteer. We are so grateful for your assistance and all that you wish to add to the Grand Giza experience for our guests and team. Your service to us and our growing community is essential and we hope that your stay here will be as rewarding for you as it is for us. We look forward to having you come!

Open Working Guest Volunteer Positions

Before you submit your application, please check here for a current & updated calendar of our basic availability and/or needs of the Grand Giza volunteer program.

If you offer other services, or offer something we are not looking for, or are applying when the position is filled, please do not be offended if we do not respond to your email. We have such an awesome experience here at Grand Giza that we literally get at least 5-10 requests EVERYDAY for volunteering opportunities and we ONLY offer 3 – 5 volunteer positions at one time. As you can expect, we look for people who offer exactly what we are looking for and with the best skills.

And if you are simply looking for a travel getaway, we suggest you use our reservation system to book one with us.

To apply, please complete an online application here.

Or stop by Nazlet Sammam, 16 El-Mazlet Foaud, Al Haram, Giza, Egypt to complete a volunteer program application.

Please note we are a Drug / Impairment Free Work Environment.